Official Partnership

AISport acquires NFT11 team for initial USD400,000 and stock options

AI SPORT Technology an Asian Technological trailblazer has announced it has concluded a stake in NFT based football blockchain game, NFT11 for an initial USD400,000 and stock options.

AI Sport Technology uses artificial intelligence and big data to amplify and leverage on the intelligence of sports data machine learning, enabling significantly more accurate forecasts, assessments, decisions, evaluations, and insights. Using AI algorithms modelled on the biological principle of big data sports set online and via social networks, our award-winning platform empowers business teams to quickly maximize their combined wisdom and converge on optimized solutions.
With AISports technology, NFT11 will be able to explore using data to optimise player’s rating, as well as Clubs rating in NFT11 Universe. This acquisition marks AI Sports maiden foray into the Game-FI universe where existing capabilities can be synergistically melded with the NFT gaming environment. It also pioneers 1st in class platform capabilities outside of game play to give the ability for NFT11/AISport to explore areas such as, sports analytics and E-gaming competitions.