Equipping Move Cards

Move Cards need not only be equipped to Players. From the shouts of Players, the bellow of infuriated Goalkeeper to the Manager yelling on the side-lines, all individuals play a vital role in influencing the game.

Manager's Move Cards

As a manager, you are responsible for your Club and Players. As such, there will be Move Cards that allow you to influence certain aspects of the match.
Take for example, the Penalty Regime Move Card, a Passive/Attack/Manager card which increases the chance of Penalty Shot-on-Targets for the entire team.

Player's Move Cards

Players on the field will definitely be activating Trigger Events in the heat of matches. Move Cards equipped on Players will influence the flow of the match.
Take for example, the Go for Long Shot Move Card, a Passive/Utility/Player card which increases the Player's tendency to shoot whenever possible.

Goalkeeper’s Move Cards

Goalkeepers are the last line of defence on the field and can make all the difference when it comes to winning or losing a match.
Take for example, the Intimidating Gloves Move Card, an Active/Defence/Goalkeeper card which increases the chance of the opponent missing a Penalty Shot-on-Target.