NFT11 Cards

NFT11 Cards can be equipped on your Players to increase their stats and have advantages on certain contexts during a match.
During the match as the simulation plays out, trigger events can occur which will allow you to pick your Move and use your Cards.
Screenshot above is for illustration purposes only. Does not represent actual gameplay
NFT11 Cards are an incredibly unique feature in NFT11! It is one of the fundamental aspects of our Gameplay that will set us apart from other football games as well as football manager games.
NFT11 Cards add another layer of strategy to the game. Managers must strategise the types of Move Cards they will attach to specific Players on their team, so that when the time is right (trigger events), Players will now have these buffs/power ups at their disposal.
The concept game design behind NFT11 Cards can be further explored in this article here. So, enough about game design. Let’s discover all there is to understand about NFT11 Cards!