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Dashboard (In Development)

Be your own football club manager.
In NFT11, your squad starts from you and your style. Each managerial style has its own unique sets of stats that directly affects the outcome of your matches.
Set up your A-team to participate in high-tier matches or try out new formations and put them to the test!
On the dashboard, will be able to view your $NFT11 tokens, players, stadium seats, move cards and skins own.
Current Development
NFT11 Legend minting is currently live now @ . Managers can start minting Legends from the dashboard using either NFT11 tokens or pNFT11 tokens.
Next in Development
  1. 1.
    Public Pre-sales of $NFT11 tokens. - Public Investors will be able to buy $NFT11 tokens from our dashboard with BUSD
  2. 2.
    Stadium - Managers will be able to select/view Category of Stadiums to own seats and start scouting for new players as well as receiving stadium rewards! Stadiums will be bought with $NFT11
  3. 3.
    Stadium Dashboard - Managers will use this dashboard to manage their Stadium seats and collect rewards from Stadium
  4. 4.
    Club management - Managers will form their starting 11 Team and find out the overall stats of their club ( MMR rating ). Over here, managers will also set formations as well as placement of their players. Also, Managers may own unique Club badges in form of NFTs to represent their club!
Concept image for illustration purposes only. Does not represent actual dashboard.