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Scouting in Privately Leased Seats

To begin scouting in your Seat simply click on Scout and you will see the scouting interface pop up.

If this is your first time Scouting you will have to approve 2 contracts.

Once that is done, you may select the Legend Player you wish to use to Scout.

Once the Legend Player is selected a final confirmation will be required to begin the Scouting process. You will also be able to see the details/duration/bonuses of your Scouting.

Once the Scouting has begun, it should be reflected accordingly.

And that's all for Scouting in your own Privately leased Seats! You can jump to the section at the end on Scouting Completed: Claiming Your Regular Player.
If not, head to the next section to find out how to Publicly lease your Seats.