๐Ÿ”ŽScouting New Players (Coming soon)

Players will only be scouted into existence in the NFT11 Universe by Managers. To scout a new player you need a Legend and an available Stadium Seat. If you do not own any Stadium Seat, you can rent one (paying a fee) for the duration of the scout.

The Scouting conditions will vary depending on the stadium seat used:

  • Duration - time in days to conclude the scouting

  • Fee - cost to scout

  • Age of the Player scouted

  • Some Seat Bonus also increase:

    1. Minimum value of the player's main stats

    2. Chance to mint Move Cards

    3. Chance to mint Signature Cards

    4. Chance to mint Ultimate Players

As new players are scouted by Legends, they will inherit the main stats of its Legend scout. Therefore, a fire Legend will generate a new Player with Finishing and Long Shot as the main stats.

The two main stats of new Players are generated with a higher minimum and maximum possible values. Although not guaranteed, the main stats have a high probability of being higher than other stats.

The initial distribution of the new player stats can be positively affected by Seat bonuses.

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