Select your line-up and watch their performance against other teams. Disclaimer: mechanics and features presented may change or be removed during game development.
Screenshot above is for concept purposes only. Does not represent actual gameplay
In order to play the, users will have to own at least 11 players to form an active squad!
Watch your games simulate in real time and execute on the go strategies and tactics to change the course of the game to your favour!

Event Trigger

Events are triggered by the game engine algorithm taking into account all player's stats, Team settings and, of course, some RNG. They can be seen as possible Goal Chances.
Events can be:
  1. 1.
  2. 2.
Simulated Events are, well... simulated. The outcome is randomised using the game engine, taking into account all player stats and both team settings.
Human Events is where Managers are called to action and decide the best path to reach the goal!

Human Events

These are special types of events that can be influenced by Managers in real-time by making split second decisions! Once time is up or if the Manager is offline, a selection will be made randomly by the system.
Each Manager will have 3 options to chose for 3 different outcomes and respective counter moves. If the defending Manager picks the right counter for the move picked by the attacking Manager, the chance of success of the attack will be lower, and vice-versa.
Each game is scheduled to be around 8 minutes in real time, with 4 minutes in each half.
Scheduled matches will play on once it kicks-off regardless if managers are online during the game or not! So plan your timetable wisely managers!

Move Cards

  • Chance of triggering favourable events can be influenced by attaching certain Move Cards.
  • Several types of Move Cards can impact the outcome of Human Events in different ways.
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