Select your line-up and watch their performance against other teams. Disclaimer: mechanics and features presented may change or be removed during game development.
Screenshot above is for concept purposes only. Does not represent actual gameplay
In order to play the, users will have to own at least 11 players to form an active squad!
Watch your games simulate in real time and execute on the go strategies and tactics to change the course of the game to your favour!

Trigger Events

NFT11 is ultimately a football management game and like traditional football manager games it will still be a simulation based on a myriad of calculations which take an immense number of factors into account. These include the Manager’s tactical instructions, Player stats, Player attributes, team’s attributes, selected Factions, etc. Essentially if there's a stat/mechanic/layer for it, it's considered in the match engine.
NFT11 wishes to give its Managers another layer of strategy and so they may choose to make active decisions during Trigger Events. This is also where Move Cards come in, but we will talk about that later.
Events are triggered by the match engine algorithm considering all the factor mentioned above as well as some RNG.
Trigger Events can be:
  1. 1.
    Left for the AI to decide
  2. 2.
    Decided by Managers
During the simulation, Managers will have the option to let the AI decide on the outcome of the match entirely. The outcome is randomised using the match engine, considering all player stats and both team settings.
Managers may want to skip certain matches if they are busy or feel that a particular match is not as important for them. They can rely entirely on the simulation for this.

Manager & Move Cards

These are moments where the match can be influenced by Managers in real-time as they make split second decisions! As mentioned before, once time is up (time limit for selecting a Move Card) or if the Manager is offline (deliberately choosing to skip a particular match), a selection will be made, by the system based on the engines algorithm and best calculated outcome, for you.
Each Manager will have 3 cards to choose from, and their opponents will also have 3 cards to choose from for their counter. If the defending Manager picks the right counter for the move picked by the attacking Manager, the chance of success of the attack will be lower, and vice-versa.
The timing for each match will be decided by the community in our DAO.
Scheduled matches will play on once it kicks-off regardless of whether managers are online during the match or not! So, plan your timetable wisely managers!
Click here: Move Cards, to learn more about the Move Cards and how they will help Mangers strategise in the game!