Select your line-up and watch their performance against other teams.
Screenshot above is for concept purposes only. Does not represent actual gameplay
The blood of NFT11, Tournaments are where you bring your club to Glory. Managers pay a fee in $NFT11 tokens to participate in tourneys and these fees will be pooled together for the tournament prize pool for the top teams.
Friendlies are Free-to-Play matches between 2 clubs looking to train or have a benchmark of their team against Real Managers / Clubs. Friendlies do not require fees to be set up however, rewards earn by winning matches in Friendlies as well as Players' Growth will be significantly lower as compared to winning Matches in Tournaments
In order to play the Kick-Off, users will have to own at least 11 players and enough players in each position to form an active squad!
Watch your games simulate in real time and execute on the go strategies and tactics to change the course of the game to your favour!
Event Trigger
In each match, there would be Events that would be triggered such as:
  1. 1.
    Scoring opportunities
  2. 2.
    Defense opportunities
Events can be influenced by Managers in real-time by making split second decisions! Once time is up or if the Manager is offline, a selection will be made randomly by the system.
Events are triggered by an algorithm comparing Attack Score against Defense score of each team.
Chance of triggering favorable events can be influenced by attaching certain Move Cards.
Each game is scheduled to be 8 minutes, with 4 minutes in each half.
Scheduled matches will play on once it kicks-off regardless if managers are online during the game or not! So plan your timetable wisely managers!
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