The NFT11 Metaverse

NFT11 aims to create a metaverse for all football/soccer enthusiasts around the world. NFT11 brings fantasy football to a whole new level, allowing players to be real football managers, managing every single aspect of their squad, from training players, taking part in transfer windows, and even down to owning seats in our very own stadium.

NFT11 - Going Mainstream with Blockchain Games

NFT11 Managers will have full autonomy of their squad. Winning tournaments rewards the football club with $NFT11, the game's core currency. $NFT11 is a utility token and is mainly used for in-game functions such as :‌
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    Governance : We are developing a DAO dashboard where holders will be able to vote or even submit Proposals in key elements of NFT11
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    $NFT11 is the main currency of NFT11 Metaverse. 90% of the transactions in our dashboard will be made with $NFT11:
NFT11 can also be traded on exchanges.