NFT11 Marketplace (In development)

NFT11 marketplace is where managers come to improve their players and their club!

Trading Players

In the marketplace, managers can buy, sell or trade players with other managers.
This gives managers the opportunity to scout for new players on the marketplace to create a more a cohesive team or do a trade with another manager to benefit both clubs. Players can be listed on the marketplace for new managers to complete their team to begin the kick-off as well!

Loaning Players

For managers who have too many players but do not have the time to manage them or are hesitant to sell them, you can put your players out on loan.
By lending your players to other managers, you will be able to earn from fees paid by managers for borrowing them for their games. Upon expiry of the loan period, the player will be sent back to your club, unless there is a mutual agreement to extend the loan.

Stadium Seats

Stadium Seats provide a array of utilities to Managers:
Scouting for Players in your own seat
Earning fees from other managers Scouting for players in your seat
Earning Staking Rewards ( on every match day )
Chance to mint Move cards ( work in progress )

Move Cards

Find the perfect Signature Move card on the marketplace to make your player the ultimate competitor or sell your spare move cards for $NFT11 tokens.


Coming soon.
Until our official NFT11 marketplace is lauched, the NFTs Legends and Stadium Seats can be traded on our official partners: TofuNFT, Refinable and Lootex