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The 6 Factions

Your Journey as a Manger Begins!
It wasn’t long before the world took notice of the incredible feats of the First 5. Football fans around the world were drawn to the amazing athletic prowess of the First 5. Six insightful managers realised this awakening in the spirit of football and decided to come together to build the Arche International Stadium to bring a new league of footballers and managers to compete without borders, thus, kicking off NFT11!
Managers all have different styles and methodologies to bring out the best in their team, they are all well aware of how important it is to communicate with their players.
Depending on the players you must manage, and depending on their strengths and weaknesses, you have to try and piece the puzzle together. As a manager, you must fully appreciate your resources and position before deciding on your strategy.
Your management style also defines how your team operates, decide which of the following 5 management styles best fits you!
The Inspirer
Relationship-oriented Style
  • Inspirers have a laissez-faire approach to players’ roles, giving space for creativity while encouraging accountability.
  • They believe in educating players, letting them think for themselves, and allowing them certain freedoms once they have gained trust.
  • They encourage their players to use their initiative on the ball, and when mistakes are inevitably made, they don’t berate them nor lose trust in their abilities.
  • They lead people through encouragement, empowerment, and enthusiasm.
  • They focus more on motivating the team as opposed to defining what needs to be done.
"You can argue about formations, tactics and systems forever, but to us football is fundamentally about players."
In-game Perks: (In Development)
The Strategist
Possession-oriented Style
  • Strategists are innovative yet analytical, with an ability to think big picture while driving toward results.
  • They think it makes sense to learn from the past, tend to be reflective, and prefer to have information and facts before making decisions.
  • They value time to develop expertise, and are known to be organised and thorough.
  • They value stability and bring order and rigour.
  • They have strong opinions, high standards, intense drive for execution, and tend to be restrictive with delegation.
"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships."
In-game Perks: (In Development)
The Absolutist
Results-oriented Style
  • The Absolutists believe in ruling with an iron fist. A philosophy which expects full commitment and immaculate preparation from their players.
  • They are unyielding disciplinarians unafraid to criticise players and admonish them, should they perform badly.
  • Rewards in their opinion are measured and offered by performance.
  • Whether loud and aggressive or quiet and contemplative, they shoulder the burden of responsibility for the vast majority of decisions.
  • They’re unlikely to react positively to being offered advice; they know best, and their approach is the correct approach.
“I have a vision of total victory and nothing else. It’s the reason I’ve gotten this far. Defeat has no place in my mind.”
In-game Perks: (In Development)
The Guardian
Training-oriented Style
  • Guardians are often supportive managers who rely on coaching their team members by example.
  • They will generally provide detailed guidelines and direction for the team to follow precisely.
  • They are known for investing in young talents and nurturing them to greatness.
  • They focus the team around repeatable success and high quality results.
  • Their creativity is often in the area of fostering strong and effective training regimes.
“Each individual has a natural instinct to rise, like a flame of the lamp, we nurture this instinct.”
In-game Perks: (In Development)
The Visionary
Roles-oriented Style
  • Visionaries are sociable yet assertive, and will prefer to move with a sense of urgency.
  • They focus on the goals or vision and inspire the team to follow.
  • They adopt a hard line approach with expectations of hard work, and invoke passion against adversity.
  • While they enjoy driving tasks to completion, they are also comfortable delegating authority where needed.
  • They often serve as the voice of change, getting the team excited about upcoming changes.
“A man with new ideas is a madman, until his ideas triumph.”
In-game Perks: (In Development)
The Adapter
Tactical Flexibility
  • Adapters adopt the philosophy of total football, emphasising all-rounded skills, versatility, and creativity. They operate with man-management being their main strength.
  • They will transform their style to meet the current needs of the team and depend on the whole team to make decisions.
  • They are often empathetic and supportive leaders who will mould their style for what best suits their team.
  • They almost always ask for and consider the thoughts and opinions of everyone involved and generally trust players.
  • They are master tacticians, enigmas – a simple nod of approval from them is enough to make players run the extra mile.
“Enjoying success requires the ability to adapt. Only by being open to change will you have a true opportunity to get the most from your talents.”
In-game Perks: (In Development)