๐ŸงคGoalkeeper Class

The Goalkeeper class is a crucial class of Players in the NFT11 Metaverse! They have different stats compared to the other Players and they are specialised for the role of goalkeepers.

  • There are 2 types of Goalkeepers, one is a subset of Regular Players; Regular Goalkeepers. The other is a subset of Legend Players; Legend Goalkeepers

  • Regular Goalkeepers can only be Scouted by Managers using Legend Goalkeepers and Stadium Seats

  • Can be sold/bought or loaned between Managers

  • Price will be determined by the community in a fully decentralised economy

Elemental Aura: Legend Goalkeepers

Each NFT11 Legend Goalkeeper will have an elemental Aura just like Legend Players. When minted, the Aura will boost two key stats that represent the Legend Goalkeeper's specialty. This increases the chance that these two stats will be higher than the other all stats.

New Regular Goalkeepers scouted by Legend Goalkeepers will also have two stats boosted by the respective Aura.

  1. Fire โ€” Penalty + Stamina

  2. Electricity โ€” One on One + Aerial

  3. Air โ€” Passing + Handling

  4. Earth โ€” Command + Positioning

  5. Water โ€” Reflexes + Agility

Continue reading the section below to learn more about these stats.

Legend Goalkeeper Stats

Below is a table to help illustrate the different stats that the Goalkeeper Class of Players have.

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