NFT11 Players

Each player in NFT11 is an NFT and is unique on the blockchain. Players grow in their careers as they represent their clubs by participating in tournaments in NFT11. Players stats improve and increases their market value as they play more games.

Player Stats

Players have 10 stats which adds up to their Player Rating:
Stats for Goalkeepers can be found on the Goalkeeper Class page.

Player Types

There are three types of Players on the NFT11 Metaverse, each with its own unique features.
  • Regular Players - these will be the bread and butter of NFT11. The most common type of player and also the lowest level.
  • Legend Players - these are rare special players that also act as scouts. There are only 47500 total supply and they are the only ones that can scout new Regular Players into existence
  • Goalkeepers - These are a sub category of both Regular and Legend Players that are specialised for the role of a goalkeeper.
  • Ultimate Players - the rarest, the more unique and the absolute best players on the NFT11 Metaverse! They will have the name, looks and skill of real life footballers!

Player Rating

The Player Rating represents the absolute value of a Player. The Player Rating is the average of all stats plus 10.
As players play matches and get old, they gain experience and increase their stats. When they reach their peak career, at around 28 years old, their stats start to slowly decrease.

Future Additional Stats

Personality Traits - Each player will have 2 randomly assigned personality traits, each with its unique perk! However, the perks granted by personality traits may be positive or negative!
Morale - affects overall stats of players during a match and the chance of committing fouls during a match.
  • Morale gets lower when players do not play in matches, lose consecutive matches, get yellow and red cards, or when they are listed to sell/loan.
  • Morale gets higher when players play matches, win consecutive matches or trophies and have good performances.
Aggressiveness - affects the chance of committing a foul and getting yellow and red cards. Highly aggressive players will be suspended more often.
Injury Prowess - affects the likeliness and duration of injuries.
Weak foot - affects the proficiency in using the weaker foot. The highest value means the player can use both feet equally.
Adaptability - affects the ability to perform in different positions.