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Pools & Farms

$NFT11 Pools

A total of 1,973,683 $NFT11 is allocated as Staking rewards to be released every 3 months.
10% of Staking Rewards — PancakeSwap (Stake $CAKE earn $NFT11) 10% of Staking Rewards — ApeSwap (Stake $BANANA earn $NFT11) 40% of Staking Rewards — IFOSwap (Stake $H2O earn $NFT11) 40% of Staking Rewards — NFT11 Stadium Staking (Stake Legends earn $NFT11)
First $NFT11 Pools will be set up on 19 October 2021 on
Stake $H2O, Earn $NFT11 - total rewards set for this pool is 789,743 $NFT11
Stay tuned for more updates closer to the week of deployment!


We are only opening up our first farm after our pre-sales of $NFT11 for in-game assets (2,000,000 $NFT11) is sold out OR after the listing of $NFT11. 100% of the funds raised from this pre-sales will be added as liquidity.