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Basics Before Leasing & Scouting

Important information you will need before Scouting

Important facts about Leasing & Scouting:

  • All timings displayed for Scouting is in UTC
  • You will need a Legend Player to Scout
  • Once Scouting is completed, the Legend Player will have a 48 hour cool down before that Legend is able to Scout again
  • Managers will acquire a new Regular Player NFT once Scouting has been completed
  • You will need some $NFT11 depending on the Seat you choose to Scout in
  • You DO NOT need your own seat to scout, you may use the vacant Seats of other Stadium Seats owners that have been Publicly leased
  • If you intend to use your own Seat, you MUST lease it Privately first
  • Privately leasing your Seat WILL NOT allow you to earn $NFT11 rewards
  • Publicly leasing your Seat WILL NOT allow you to use your own Seat
  • Publicly leasing your WILL allow you to earn $NFT11 rewards
  • Please read up on all the Stadium Seat Tiers as well Scouting Costs and Seat Bonuses before diving into the Scouting process

First up, you will need to head to the NFT11 Dashboard.

Once there, connect your Digital Wallet as shown below.

Select your Digital Wallet from the list.

Follow the prompts to connect your wallet.

Once connected, you can begin Scouting by first clicking on the Scout option.

Click on the Scout option on the panel to the left

If you DO NOT own any Seats, you will see an empty page like this.

If you own Seats, then you will see something like this.

In this example the Manager has a single Director Box Seat that has not been leased.

You may utilise the first 2 tabs to toggle between the Seats you own and the Seats that have been leased.

You may use the Public & Private buttons next to the tabs to toggle between Publicly or Privately leased Seats.