Future Mechanics

Disclaimer: these features may change or may not be implemented during game development.
Defence Line
Do you want your defenders to push up the field and set offside traps or wait for the opponent with a lower block? Playing with a high defence will increase the pressure on the midfielders disrupting their short passes but will leave a lot of space in the back, punishable by through balls and fast forwards. Playing with a low defence line, may leave you exposed to more long shots and crossings.
Do you want to pressure the opponent across the entire field? This may increase your Ball Possession at the cost of a faster stamina depletion. If you are winning comfortably, it might be worth taking it down a notch and saving your players' stamina for the next big derby right around the corner.
Order your players to tackle hard, effectively stopping more opponent's attacks by making more fouls but risking yellow and red cards.