Core NFT11 Team

Andrew Ling - Striker

Andrew brings a wealth of experience from the Private Equity and Finance sectors. He spent a decade playing a pivotal role in growing local start-ups to become significant regional players, increasing their turnovers by as much as 25 times across six regional platforms in Asia. He was specifically engrossed in financial product units in the companies and was responsible for many pioneering technologies to Singapore and SEA (e.g., initiating regulation for derivative brokers such as TOS, now known as TD Ameritrade, increasing revenue streams with Citibank as a cross-sell partner for education and finance products).
He also served as an EXCO member and advisor on the associate board of the National Trade Union Congress (NTUC) in Singapore, where he co-created the first instalment of the Future Leaders Summit, a nationwide government partnered project.
Andrew brings to NFT11 his strong business acumen, organizational growth experience, and extensive network in Asian financial markets. As the CEO of NFT11, he is directly responsible for the overall performance and business growth.
Andrew confesses he dreams of going pro in StarCraft 2 and is a passionate gamer, making him the perfect candidate to develop NFT11 into a leading blockchain game!

Shawn Lin - Center Forward

Shawn Lin brings over 15 years of experience in the Digital Asset and Real Estate industry. He manages over 120 million worth of real estate assets globally through private client arrangements for the past decade. In addition, he co-founded a private OTC business where he oversees transactions of USD 25 Mio circa. average of crypto to fiat trades (and vice versa) per month.
After graduating from the National University of Singapore (Hons), where he majored in Real Estate Investments, Shawn spent the early part of the decade with bulge bracket investment firms managing a team of professionals servicing HNW Asian investors in the real estate arena. Addicted to entrepreneurship, he founded five start-ups in a span of 5 years, which are now thriving in the F&B, Retail Sales, Real Estate, and E-commerce industries, with over 80 professionals under his management.
Shawn will bring his vast experience running high octane growth businesses to NFT11. As the Chief Financial Officer, he partners Andrew, the CEO, in overseeing NFT11, ensuring excellence in standards and profitability in growth.
Shawn dabbles in FPS’s too often for his own good, but it makes him have great insight on what drives gamers as well as what makes a game engaging, an ideal candidates to ensure NFT11 reaches all its milestones!

Emily Lai - Attacking Midfield

Emily is a global professional having lived & worked in Asia, North America, and Europe. She is a Cambridge graduate with extensive corporate and start-up leadership experiences. An advocate for women in tech, Emily serves as the Chief Operating Officer of NFT11, a blockchain football manager metaverse.
Her scope includes Product Development, Marketing & Sales, Community Growth, and Partnership. During her 15-year tenure with HP Inc., she has spearheaded Product Marketing, Product Strategy, Profit & Loss Management and Alliance Partnership. She was responsible for the co-marketing strategies with alliance partners such as Intel, AMD, Microsoft & Google, and managed over $150M of co-marketing funding annually.
Having started off her career as a Product Manager for gaming laptops, she has been promoting the gaming ecosystem on-stage and off-stage. As Director of Alliance Partnership, she was the driving force for partnering with NVIDIA on AAA game bundles such as Call of Duty. Emily is also on the leadership team for Tappy Yoka, driving community & subscribership growth with search engine optimization techniques & marketing research.
She is the force behind the merchandising and metaverse strategy in tech, advisor to GameFi start-ups and crypto exchanges and is the perfect candidate to help NFT11 live up to its true potential.

Chance Woon "TheGnome" - Central Midfielder

Chance leads teams in Singapore, Beijing and Vietnam, spearheading the full spectrum of marketing and product development.
Since the age of 17, armed with just a laptop, Chance has grown from a nomadic graphic designer to building up and running a marketing department in a Tech Company from scratch (total revenue of $400,000 in its first year) in 3 short years. Chance realised his professional dreams when he eventually setup his own Digital Marketing Agency, handling portfolios in APAC regions and Japan.
An avid gamer at heart and with the rise of NFT and #GameFi, Chance has directed his new focus to developing a game that would be of worldwide acclaim as the CMO of NFT11!

Jeremy Mathew “TheCryptoSapien” - Right Midfielder

Jeremy has spent the past decade in various industries; public relations, marketing and education. He is passionate about the acquisition of knowledge in a multitude of fields which makes him a jack of all trades.
He was exposed to the crypto world in 2017 and has experience researching, analysing and navigating different protocols and projects. His background in psychology and criminology makes him an excellent candidate to understand consumer behaviours and the opinions, attitudes, and beliefs of individuals as well as the keen eye and ability to navigate in the volatile and unregulated world of crypto. His knowledge of business and entrepreneurship also makes him a perfect candidate in a startup Web 3.0 project like NFT11.
A gamer for life, he understands the potential of the GameFi industry and looks to grow NFT11 into a worldwide phenomenon.

Garett Chen - Goal Keeper

Garett is the Chief Technology Officer of NFT11 project.
Garett leads and oversees in the production and development of NFT11. Garett has over 10 years of experience in IT Technology planning and management. The depth of his technical knowledge and background in blockchain technology allows him to have strong vision of NFT11.

Bek Chee Jin - Center Back

Bek is the growth lead looking after Business Development and Partnerships.
Bek has many years leading corporate business development for enterprise solutions. A die-hard football fans with deep interest in gameFi and blockchain technology, Bek looks forward to growing NFT11 into a football metaverse.

Enny Choy - Left Fullback

Enny is a management professional with over 7 years of business leadership experience in strategic planning, financial planning, improving operational efficiency, team building and project management. Enny has the ability to understand complex concepts, identifying critical issues and turning ideas into logical and executable strategies, with a deep and passionate commitment to the goals of NFT11.

Carin Tang - Left Midfielder

Carin is a seasoned marketer with expertise in different aspects of the marketing umbrella. Her past experiences have sharpened her critical thinking and problem-solving skills, which together with her deep understanding in marketing and communications, she is committed to fast tracking the growth of NFT11.

Joe Choy - Right Fullback

As a data scientist, Joe has been working in Fintech for the past 7 years designing and implementing BI tools. Advocating the importance of self-custodial addresses in DeFi, he helped design systems to safely store and manage cryptocurrencies for a few start-ups projects that have since seen millions in transaction volume.
Being an avid gamer who loves a wide variety of games, Joe is keen on leveraging his experience in blockchain technology and gaming over the years to contribute and help NFT11 grow into the best football manager game in the metaverse.

David Kwek - Sweeper Defender

David takes up the key role of community manager ensuring that all logistics concerning marketing efforts are handled efficiently. Having experience in South East Asian markets, David is eloquent and proficient in Chinese, making him the perfect candidate to assist in growing our emerging Chinese community.
A football fan at heart, he has the desire and drive to assist NFT11 in its operations and looks to help NFT11 grow into the leading football manager game in the GameFi space.

Dennis Hui & Guru Singh - Coaches

Powerbomb Finance co-founders Dennis and Guru are NFT11’s DeFi advisors. Their backgrounds in traditional finance and engineering give them the skills to systematically grow our treasury while protecting our capital against loss. Powerbomb Finance manages and oversees crypto investment products for clients looking to profit from low volatility, high yield DeFi instruments. Powerbomb Finance has come on board with valuable insights to this exciting new paradigm in the DeFi space and is providing guidance on crafting DeFi strategies for NFT11. Motivated by the radical and systematic change decentralization offers for the financial markets, Powerbomb Finance is both committed to achieving strong yields for NFT11 as the industry progresses.