Core NFT11 Team

Andrew Ling - CEO Shawn Lin - COO

Both Andrew and Shawn are board members overseeing the parent organisation Dimension’s business and investing interests, along with AI Sports and NFT11, marking their first foray into the GameFi industry.
They both have led past and ongoing business ventures in the Finance, Technology and Hospitality sectors. Andrew confesses he dreams of going pro in Starcraft 2 and Shawn dabbles in FPS’s too often for his own good, making them perfect candidates to develop NFT11 into a leading blockchain game!

Chance Woon "TheGnome" - CMO

Chance leads teams in Singapore, Beijing and Vietnam, spearheading the full spectrum of marketing and product development.
Since the age of 17, armed with just a laptop, Chance has grown from a nomadic graphic designer to building up and running a marketing department in a Tech Company from scratch (total revenue of $400,000 in its first year) in 3 short years. Chance realised his professional dreams when he eventually setup his own Digital Marketing Agency, handling portfolios in APAC regions and Japan.
An avid gamer at heart and with the rise of NFT and #GameFi, Chance has directed his new focus to developing a game that would be of worldwide acclaim - NFT11

Jeremy Mathew “TheCryptoSapien” - Public Relations / Marketing Executive

Jeremy has spent the past decade in various industries; public relations, marketing and education. He is passionate about the acquisition of knowledge in a multitude of fields which makes him a jack of all trades.
He was exposed to the crypto world in 2017 and has experience researching, analysing and navigating different protocols and projects. His background in psychology and criminology makes him an excellent candidate to understand consumer behaviours and the opinions, attitudes, and beliefs of individuals as well as the keen eye and ability to navigate in the volatile and unregulated world of crypto.
A gamer for life, he understands the potential of the GameFi industry and looks to grow NFT11 into a worldwide phenomenon.

Garret Chen - CTO

Garett is the Chief Technology Officer of NFT11 project.
Garett leads and oversees in the production and development of NFT11. Garett has over 10 years of experience in IT Technology planning and management. The depth of his technical knowledge and background in blockchain technology allows him to have strong vision of NFT11.

Bek Chee Jin - Growth Lead

Bek is the growth lead looking after Business Development and Partnerships.
Bek has many years leading corporate business development for enterprise solutions. A die-hard football fans with deep interest in gameFi and blockchain technology, Bek looks forward to growing NFT11 into a football metaverse.

Dennis Hui & Guru Singh - DeFi Advisors

Powerbomb Finance co-founders Dennis and Guru are NFT11’s DeFi advisors. Their backgrounds in traditional finance and engineering give them the skills to systematically grow our treasury while protecting our capital against loss. Powerbomb Finance manages and oversees crypto investment products for clients looking to profit from low volatility, high yield DeFi instruments. Powerbomb Finance has come on board with valuable insights to this exciting new paradigm in the DeFi space and is providing guidance on crafting DeFi strategies for NFT11. Motivated by the radical and systematic change decentralization offers for the financial markets, Powerbomb Finance is both committed to achieving strong yields for NFT11 as the industry progresses.
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