NFT11 Legend Sales

Total Legend Supply = 47,500 30% for pre-sales = 14,250 30% for public pre-sales = 14,250 20% for public sales = 9,500 20% for marketing = 9,500 (giveaways and airdrops as pNFT11 tokens)
Legends Pre Sales were live in weekly batches, every Friday at 10:00 UTC, in our dashboard: https://publicdashboard.nft11.io/

NFT11 Legends Pre-Sale

14,250 NFT11 Legends were exclusively for investors who participated in the first IFO, and whose wallets are whitelisted.
Legends players NFTs for whitelisted wallets were sold in weekly batches, from 15 September to 10 December 2021.
Every whitelisted wallet was able to get 3 Legends!

NFT11 Legends Public Pre-Sale

14,250 NFT11 Legends are for Public Pre-sales, open to any wallet.
These Legends are available for public, as well as for pNFT11 token holders, on weekly batches, every Friday at 10:00 UTC from 29 October to 21 January 2021.
pNFT11 tokens are promotional tokens given away as airdrop on marketing and community campaigns. These can be used to redeem 1x Legend during the pre sales.
Each wallet will be able to mint 1x Legend from the Public Pre-Sales per stage, each stage lasts 3 weeks.
Example: if a wallet mints one Legend on Batch #13, that wallet will only be able to mint another Legend on Batch #16, when a new stage starts.
These restrictions were implemented to constrain Legend accumulations by whales, ensuring a more fair distribution of these high valuable assets - Legend Players.
Schematics of Legends pre-sales for both whitelisted sales and public pre-sales

Legends sales are currently suspended.

They should come back once the updates on Legend's graphical design is completed and ready to roll!
Stay Tuned!